No.162, Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh


Play experience at Sun World Ha Long Complex

Sun World Ha Long is known as a world-class entertainment area. With a diversified and attractive game system and the beauty of Ha Long Bay, this place will definitely bring you many wonderful experiences.

Where is Sun World Ha Long Complex? What's special?

Sun World Ha Long Complex is known as the leading entertainment area in Vietnam attracting many domestic and foreign tourists when coming to Ha Long.

With a large scale of 214ha, Sun World Ha Long is divided into two main areas: the amusement park on the top of Ba Deo and the coastal amusement park. Each area has many different interesting games.

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The coastal entertainment area at Sun World Ha Long is located right on the beach of Bai Chay. Here, you will be immersed in the clear blue water with many attractive entertainment games at Typhoon water park, playing the roller coaster, ...

The right time that you should go to Sun World Ha Long

In order to fully enjoy a full outing with your relatives and family, you should choose the most appropriate outing time. From May to July is a summer vacation for many children, planning for your children to explore Sunworld Ha Long Island is also chosen by many families.

For those who love gentle autumn, cool weather, you should visit this place from August to October. At this time, the sun is light, there are not many rain, floods or storms, so you can comfortably "break through". without any hesitation.

Is there anything at Sunworld Halong? 

Sun World amusement park complex in Ha Long has 3 main amusement parks: Ba Deo amusement park, dragon park and ocean water park. Each amusement park will have different fare and age of each visitor.

Ba Deo amusement park includes mysterious hill and Queen cable car

This is an amusement park that is chosen by many tourists the most. Here, you will be able to participate in countless interesting games that are: walking around the lake on the Queen's cable car (reaching 2 guiness records), played on the sun rotation above 215m above sea level. , visit Zen Garden Japanese garden, wax display area, explore attractive and interesting amusement park at Kidolan for children, ...

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Typhoon water park

Also known as Typhoon Water Park, the ocean water park is equally attractive compared to many other amusement parks. Ha Long Water Park also has many interesting games that you can participate in. Certainly, the attractive games under the clear blue water will make you and your family feel happy, refresh yourself after a series of tiring days.

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Dragon Park

Dragon park has 31 attractions. Example: Umbrelass, Tea cups, Mine train, ....

Kinh nghiệm vui chơi phá đảo Sun World Hạ Long Complex


- During the tour to discover Sun World Ha Long Park, you should not bring too many unnecessary items with you. Because, it will make you feel heavy, not only that, it takes care to look after.

- Travel experience in Ha Long, you should book early, avoid going on holidays or weekends to avoid running out of rooms, unable to find a suitable accommodation, making the vacation unhappy.

Hopefully, with the above information, you will have more detailed and complete experiences to go to Sun World Ha Long. Bring this useful information with you on your journey to come!